Parent Testimonials

Diana Christie

Trailhead & BCP Parent

My daughter attended both the Trailhead and BCP programs and thoroughly enjoyed both!  The kids developed a real bond with each other and a real respect and appreciation for their teachers.  It seemed that all of the kids blossomed in the small class size where the emphasis was on working cooperatively.  Participating in these programs helped my daughter’s confidence level soar!  She is more independent and confident in her own abilities and doesn’t believe that she needs to follow the crowd.

Frances Kelly & Peter Goodspeed

Trailhead & BCP Parent

The Bronte Creek Project has been a truly wonderful experience. The most dramatic development for us was watching the personal growth. To see our once very shy daughter become so outgoing to the point she was leading her classmates in song was thrilling. She has moved way beyond her comfort zone. Clare has also become a fierce crusader for the environment, thanks to the Bronte Creek Project. Being able to pass those values on to the children attending the Earthkeepers program was important to her, and has inspired her to look at teaching as a profession. But perhaps the best thing to come out of BCP is her new “family.” Clare has made awesome friendships that will last a lifetime.

Shawn Jagoe

BCP Parent

Brandi’s own words were that the course was “AWESOME “. What I have seen is that she is more educated on the natural environment and that she made some really good friends.

Shannon Cunningham

BCP Parent

Our daughter Sarah loved the Bronte Creek experiences. We loved the fact that it not only gave her great new friends but direction in her life. She has come out of this experience with direction, focus and tools to make better choices in life.

Bonnie Lavis

BCP Parent

From a parents perspective I can say that Dayne’s experience with Bronte Creek has been an overall positive experience for her.  The changes I have noticed in Dayne are the following;

  • Reflective (Dayne takes the time to enjoy what is going on at the moment)
  • Independence (Dayne is figuring out situations on her own)  I don’t always like her independence, because it makes me realize she is growing up.
  • Dayne has a strong sense of herself.
  • Dayne found that she could rely on other people for help and trust that they would be there for her.
  • I have never seen Dayne work so hard on her school work and the fact that she only missed one day (due to being in the hospital).  Dayne always looked forward to going to school.
  • I want to sincerely thank you personally for being such a great role model for Dayne.
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Funding provided by the Halton District School Board, the Halton Learning Foundation and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

Halton District School Board Gary Allan High School

The Bronte Creek Project is a Gary Allan High School program in the Halton District School Board.