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Where does the program take place?

The BCP/Trailhead site is found at Sidrabene located at 5100 Appleby line. Sidrabene is a beautiful site below the Niagara Escarpment between highway 5 & Derry Road at  the headwaters of the Bronte Creek. (We are NOT located in the Bronte Creek Provincial Park)

Are any of the credits compulsory?

Yes. All credits count toward the 30 credits required to graduate. Geography is a University/College credit and Interdisciplinary Studies is also a University credit.  Both can be counted as one of your 6 compulsory University or College courses. Phys Ed. counts as an additional Group 2 Compulsory credit. NBE 3U English is a compulsory Grade 11 English, this can be counted towards University or College courses. The EPS 3O English credit can count as an additional group 1 compulsory credit.  (Note: the EPS 3O English cannot replace your required academic or applied grade 11 English.) Students opting for the Specialist High Skills Major diploma option in the Environment sector have the option of taking the courses at the level that is appropriate for their chosen pathway (workplace, college, apprenticeship or university). For more information about our credit packages click here: What credits are offered at The Bronte Creek Project.

How do students get there every day?

Bus transportation is provided by Halton Transportation. Bus stop locations will be placed at the student’s designated home school.  Student transportation information can be found at Students can look up their stop information using their O.E.N. (Ontario Education Number).

Will this program cost money?

The 5-month BCP semester costs $575 (subject to change). This includes daily transportation to the site, delicious daily lunches, a 5-day wilderness adventure trip & a day of rock climbing (when possible).  This relatively nominal fee allows us to provide you with the high quality program people have come to expect.  A $100 deposit is due at the Parent & Student Information Night.  The remaining balance is due the first day of the semester.  A bursary application is available for those students in need of financial assistance. Bursary funding is limited and we cannot guarantee availability to all those who apply (available only to Halton students and may not be requested to cover personal transportation).

Is BCP a good step on the way to University or College, or will it help with getting a good job?

Yes! Universities & Colleges are increasingly looking for people with practical leadership training; students who know how to learn; and who have experience working successfully in groups.  We have developed a well-known reputation and are nurturing strong connections with post-secondary schools.  We also have great links to camps, and companies hiring high school students with good people skills.

What will happen with my son/daughter’s extra-curricular life at their home school?

This is a very individual situation.  For most of our home high schools, students are back on time after their day at BCP and are able to take part in extra-curricular activities.  Students who are involved in school teams, clubs and other extra curricular activities are urged to check with the coach, staff advisor or administration to confirm as schools make these decisions on a case by case basis.

Will BCP interfere with a  part-time job?

Not to a great extent. For the most part, students return home around the same time as they are used to from their regular high school.  A benefit of being a BCP student is increased confidence, time management skills, and willingness to take on authentic responsibilities – these tend to benefit students in their part-time jobs.

Can our family take a week-long vacation?

Not a good idea.  This program is experiential, and much of it cannot be covered without being present at BCP.  In our experience, students do not want to miss school during their BCP semester.  Furthermore their peers are sometimes burdened with extra work as they need to cover the extra group work-load created by one student’s absence.

Well BCP sound good, but also pretty different from the way that our family lives.

The thing is, BCP is not a training centre for tree-huggers (although we like tree-huggers too!). BCP is a place for people who care about the fate of the planet, who like kids, who are willing to take a few risks, and who are excited to learn about themselves, their group, how this planet works, and how to play in it.  We welcome everybody who brings an open mind.  We know that being concerned about the environment doesn’t mean fitting into a stereotype.  There is a place at BCP for a diverse student population without judgment.

How do I get in touch with the staff?

If you have any further questions about what to expect for your Bronte Creek Project experience, check out our website at


[email protected]


Bronte Creek Project: Amy and Jessie at 905-331-3502 

Trailhead Program: Darryl and Courtney at 905 331-3500 

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Funding provided by the Halton District School Board, the Halton Learning Foundation and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

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The Bronte Creek Project is a Gary Allan High School program in the Halton District School Board.