Why take the BCP?


  • Earn 4 high school credits here instead of at your home school
  • Two of the credits can be counted towards your six University Grade 12 credits
  • Have the option of taking English Presentation skills or Compulsory Grade 11 English (Aboriginal Voices)
  • You can participate in BCP in your grade 11 or 12 year
  • Earn certifications as part of your Environment SHSM: Wilderness 1st Aid &  Greencheck GPS Training
  • BCP experience helps in applying to summer jobs, and to University & College

I love learning about the First Nations culture, identity, and challenges. The lessons the elders teach us are personally inspiring and therapeutic. The lessons help me stay connected to both nature and my spirit. Sarah



  • Participate in field trips to experience environmentally friendly ways to live and possible careers in the environmental field
  • Organic farm field trip
  • Develop a connection with nature with hikes and solo spots
  • Explore a section of the Bruce Trail as we hike through farmer’s fields and along the edge of the Escarpment
  • Challenge yourself to take safe risks and make connections while climbing at Climber’s Rock
  • Earn a Phys. ed. credit by developing your leadership skills when leading the BCP canoe or snowshoe trip

During your time at Bronte Creek you can be part of an Environment focused Specialist High Skills Major. You learn to survive in the outdoors, earn a WMA Wilderness First Aid Certification, and a Green Check GPS certification. You will be able to apply these skills to real life situations and future careers. Nick & Kai



  • Earn an English credit to develop your confidence & your comfort teaching in front of different audiences
  • Make a difference in the lives of elementary kids
  • Learn to teach  Earthkeepers activities with grade 5 students, and help to facilitate a campfire or night walk
  • Enhance your understanding of environmental issues at a deeper level

I used to look forward to the weekend all week, but now I look forward to the week all weekend. I have never enjoyed learning this much!  Ashley



  • Be part of a community, and learn how a group evolves over the semester
  • Get to know a whole new set of friends
  • Experience barter day and potlucks
  • Develop your writing skills through reflecting and exploring ideas in your journals

“Bronte Creek has changed my life for the better in so many ways. You form an unbreakable bond with your classmates and teachers. The camp feels like a home, and your class a community.” -Kayleigh

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Funding provided by the Halton District School Board, the Halton Learning Foundation and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

Halton District School Board Gary Allan High School

The Bronte Creek Project is a Gary Allan High School program in the Halton District School Board.