Earn 4 Credits

At BCP, you earn 4 senior high school credits just as you would in your regular home school.  The difference is that the credits are integrated through experiential activities and classroom learning.  For example, when you are facilitating cooking lunch in the kitchen, you are meeting expectations from English (presentation skills), Phys. Ed. (healthy eating), and Geography (environmental impact of food).  You are encouraged to make connections across different disciplines, instead of seeing them as separate and isolated.

NBE 3C or 3U Aboriginal Voices English

Academic English with First Nations Focus
(Compulsory Grade 11 English)

EPS 3O English Presentation Skills

Presentation and Speaking Skills
(Grade 11 Open, Group 1 Compulsory)

PAD 3O or 4O Outdoor Education

Phys. Ed.: Outdoor Activities
(Grade 12 or Grade 11 Open, Group 2 Compulsory)

*course choice will be based on whether the Grade 11 courses has been taken previously.

CGR 4M Environmental Geography

Environment and Resource Management
(Grade 12 University/ College)

IDP 4U Interdisciplinary Studies

(Grade 12 University)

ENG 4C English

(Grade 12 College)

For more information about our credit packages click here: What credits are offered at The Bronte Creek Project

Geography and Interdisciplinary Studies are grade 12 University/College credits that can be counted towards your 6 compulsory University or College courses. Phys Ed. is a Group 2 compulsory. NBE 3U English is a compulsory Grade 11 English, this can be counted towards University or College courses. EPS 3O English is a Group 1 compulsory, this  English cannot replace your required grade 11 English, which you must take back at your home school.

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Funding provided by the Halton District School Board, the Halton Learning Foundation and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

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The Bronte Creek Project is a Gary Allan High School program in the Halton District School Board.